• ThumbnailOften, newcomers to vaporization ask the question; “What is the most popular vaporizer on the market”? And it’s a good question. Choosing a vaporizer which is owned and loved by many people is one of the best ways […]

  • ThumbnailA decade or so ago; the vaporizer industry was in complete infancy. Most of the “vaporizers” that were available were crude hot plate models; with soldering iron elements that did as good a job of charring the […]

  • ThumbnailTo those who aren’t familiar with vaporizers, the Volcano is one of the most visible and marketed vaporizers in the public eye. It has been shown in movies, mentioned in comedy routines and it is one of the few […]

  • ThumbnailWithin the past two years there has been a great proliferation of high quality vaporizers, but
    most fall in to two different usage scenarios. In my experience at least, most converts to vaporization
    find that […]

  • ThumbnailIn the last year or so the portable vaporizer market has been extremely fast-moving. All sorts of new and unique units have been introduced by companies like TCT, Karma, Ploom, and Puffit. The prospective vaporist […]

  • Steve – Thanks for clarifying the material used. I’ve updated the post. Regarding Pax, we’ve been meaning to post our full review up and we’re debating on the final score to give it. I would have to disagree with […]

  • ThumbnailDaVinci Vaporizer by Karma

    The DaVinci vaporizer (retail $249) is the latest entrant in the increasingly competitive portable vaporizer market. The unit is similar in shape and size to a small hand-held walkie […]