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Within the past two years there has been a great proliferation of high quality vaporizers, but
most fall in to two different usage scenarios. In my experience at least, most converts to vaporization
find that they require at least two units to meet their needs; a home unit which is capable of putting out
large amounts of vapor, and a portable unit which can be used while out and about. However, most
portables on the market are unable to provide the quality and amount of vapor which can be enjoyed
from a plug in desktop unit. However, this certainly changed with the introduction of the Arizer Solo in

Arizer is a small Canadian company which may be best known for their high performance whip
and bag style vaporizers, the V-Tower and Extreme Q. After the success of these two units, Arizer began
working on a portable unit unlike any other on the market at the time. By 2011 the Arizer Solo was
available to consumers; and instantly because a favorite among the vaporization community.

The Arizer solo works by heating a small crucible on the top of the unit up to the temperatures
required for vaporization. The user then fills a glass AromaTube with their desired blend and inserts the
tube directly into the crucible. Four small holes in the corners of the crucible allow for hot air to flow
into the tube. This is style of operation is quite similar to a popular style of vaporizer called “log vapes”,
which are plug in vaporizers using a combination of conduction and convection heating to achieve what
many consider to be the best extraction of plant material. Using this design, the Arizer enjoys vapor
production which rivals that of some plug in units, with perfectly and evenly vaporized plant matter at
the end of the session.

The Solo is one of the larger portables on the market; and could be best compared to the size of
a can of Red Bull. It is only slightly smaller than the Vapir N02. However, holding the unit in your hand
you can tell that the unit is made of quality materials and built like a tank, unlike the N02. While the Solo
can fit into her a standard pant pocket, it certainly does not lend itself to comfort in that situation, and is
best transported in a bag or purse. As well, the AromaTubes, being made out of glass need to be treated
with care to avoid cracking or breaking.

To turn on the Solo, both buttons need to be held down for three seconds. This is to avoid the
unit starting in a bag or pocket. As well, the Solo will automatically shut off after 12 minutes of
operation to avoid the user damaging the Solo by forgetting to turn it off. The battery life of the Solo is
the best out of any portable available right now. From a full charge the solo can be used for
approximately 7 sessions of heating up, running for 12 minutes and then shutting off. If user wishes to
use to Solo for longer than the 12 minutes at a time they can simply turn it back on again without worry
of damaging the unit. However, care should be taken to ensure that the Solo is given time to cool down
during periods of extended use or on particularly hot days; as excessive heat will reduce the
performance of the batteries. It is normal for the metal enclosure to get warm; but once the unit
becomes uncomfortably warm (like a cup of hot coffee) the unit should be give some time to cool down.

The Solo is also one of the few portables on the market which allows the user to decide the
temperature they want the unit to run at. When the user turns on the unit, the LED’s from 1 to 7 will
show a brief indication of the level of charge the unit has. Then the IDLE light will activate. At this point, the user will use the up and down buttons to set the temperature level to anywhere between levels 1 and 7. Here is a breakdown of what temperature each level corresponds too:

[Level 7 ] : 210°C/410°F
[Level 6 ] : 205°C/401°F
[Level 5 ] : 200°C/392°F
[Level 4 ] : 195°C/383°F
[Level 3 ] : 190°C/374°F
[Level 2 ] : 185°C/365°F
[Level 1 ] : 50°C/122°F

Level one is not intended to be used for vaporizing, rather for use with the potpourri dish that

comes with the unit. Levels two and above are perfect temperatures for many plant materials however.
Once you have set the unit to the temperature you wish it to reach, the HEAT light will begin flashing.
Depending on the level you set the unit to, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes to reach the
desired temperature. Once it has, you are ready to enjoy flavorful vapors of the plant material of your

To charge the Arizer Solo, all you need to do is use the included cable to plug it into the wall.
The charger type is a universal barrel plug which will come with most universal power plugs, and as long
as you charger is capable of 12v/1a power output then you can use that to charge instead.
Unfortunately, you can’t run the solo while you are charging it, but you can use an optional pass through
adapter to run the Solo without using the batteries. The CHARGE LED will flash to indicate that the unit
is charging; and the numbered LED’s will be lit up to indicate the level of charge the unit has. Once the
CHARGE LED has gone solid green the unit is fully charged and ready to go.

In conclusion, the Arizer Solo is one of, if not the; best portable vaporizers on the market. It will
excel both in portable and home usage scenarios and can easily serve as a person’s primary vaporizer
even in comparison to many desktop units.

Here are some general tips for getting the most out of your Solo:
– Lightly pack in your plant material to the AromaTube; if loose material falls directly on to the heating surface it will cause the flavor to decrease
– Magic Flight Launch Box battery tips are an inexpensive and convenient way to cap off prepacked AromaTubes
– Using silicone O-rings or tubing around the tip of the AromaTube will allow it to have a perfect airtight seal with both 18 and 14 mm water pipes
– By pulling an AromaTube about 1 mm out of the crucible while vaporizing you can significantly increase the airflow

– Glass AromaTubes make for great taste and easy prefilling
– Great battery life
– Variable temperature
– Best portable vapor production
– Extremely durable
– 3 year unconditional warranty

– Not the easiest thing to tote around
– Glass stems are easy to break
– Cannot be used while charging
– Airflow is quite restricted

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review, 8.1 out of 10 based on 15 ratings

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